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Up to 80% Government Grants
Novi Point-of-Sales

Built with both ease-of-use and functionality in mind, our POS system streamlines your F&B operations to maximise profits.

Up to 80% Government Grants

Minimal Training Required

With a user-friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), your staff can learn how to use the POS within minutes.

Access Real-Time Data, Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy the freedom of reviewing business results on any mobile device.

Seamless Online-Offline Technology

Our POS possesses the capabilities to operate with zero percent downtime.

Flexible For Business Expansion

Customise your POS solution according to your business needs.


All our solutions can be seamlessly integrated. Expand your business empire with added ease and convenience.

Software and Hardware catered for any business type

We understand that different business types require different solutions. As F&B industry experts, we have developed versatile software and hardware configurations that are suited to your specific business needs.

Contact us to find out which configuration is best for your business.

iPad POS ready

Sleek and portable, our iPad POS is suitable for small businesses with space constraints. Staff are able to work more efficiently by bringing the device to the customers’ table for order-taking, hence enhancing the customer experience.

Pair it with Novi eOrdering

A portable POS that is designed to power your staff to provide superior service to your customers.

  • Fast and Efficient - Orders taken on the tablet are automatically fired to the Kitchen and to the POS.
  • Information hub - With menu and table details all on one tablet, staff no longer have to be overloaded with information.
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Insights and Reports at your fingertips

Track real-time updates on operations and manage your business on the go. Our intelligent POS provides you with business insights to increase sales and decrease costs.

  • Track inventory easily - Get informed on how much inventory is sold every day. Make stock-taking a breeze.
  • Improve profits with data - Monitor your sales trend, know what’s selling well and what’s not. This allows you to calibrate your product offerings and increase sales.
  • Manage Anytime, Anywhere - Access and store insights and reports on our cloud-based solution.

Ready for Business Scalability

As your business expands, so will your IT needs to support every facet of business operations.

With a wide array of solutions, you can seamlessly integrate other modules and applications within your POS system.

GrabFood Integrated

With GrabFood integration, your GrabFood orders will automatically be sent to the POS and Kitchen.

Up to 80% Government Grants
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Our satisfied customers
Satisfied Customer Of Novitee
Satisfied Customer Of Novitee

What our customers say

Novi POS provided Joe and Dough with the necessary POS infrastructure to embark on an aggressive growth strategy and expand effortlessly across Singapore, resulting in a 130% growth in outlets and 260% ROI increase.

With an industry-proven solution like Novi POS, I am confident of expanding my business overseas.

Thank you, Novitee, our partner for strategic growth.

Damien Koh


Joe and Dough

Logo of Joe and Dough
Novitee is not just a POS provider, they are your partner to grow with your F&B business.

If you are looking for a POS solution, there are many options out there.

But if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business through technology, they are the right fit for you.

Fu Yong Hong



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The Novi POS is a great investment and solution that has really benefited my business.

I appreciate its stability and how I can easily get report with their backend.

I like how Novi POS is really able to solve persisting F&B problems and I would strongly recommend Novi POS to my friends.

Tay Yiming


Violet Oon Inc Pte Ltd.

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