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Up to 80% Government Grants
Novi Central Kitchen

Novi Central Kitchen ensures economies of scale by offering a centralised approach to executing flawless manufacturing and inventory management.

Up to 80% Government Grants
Stronger Inventory Control
Tap on our inventory reports and insights to ensure optimal inventory levels at outlets.
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Greater Operational Efficiency
Seamlessly integrated with peripheral accounting and inventory management software.
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Stronger Inventory Control

Maximise your profits with effortless control over your inventory by using our comprehensive array of inventory reports and analytics.

  • Expedite stock take process - Cut down on unnecessary labor cost and let your employees focus on what’s important.
  • Ensure optimal ordering quantity - Our system helps you minimize wastage based on past trends, while ensuring available ready stock for selling, contributing to higher profits.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly integrated with your Inventory, Accounting, and Purchasing system, Novi Central Kitchen Management helps reduce administrative errors and manpower needed.

  • Expedite Ordering Process - With a touch of a button, your outlets can place their orders from the central kitchen. Skip the middleman.
  • Accurate and Easy Accounting - Reduce the need for manual data entry and tracking of multiple invoice sheets. Manage your accounts easily with our automatic web-based inventory management system.

Integrated with Major Accounting Softwares

Seamlessly integrated with major accounting softwares to help you save time on menial data entry work. Contact us to enquire more.

Up to 80% Government Grants
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Satisfied Customer Of Novitee
Satisfied Customer Of Novitee

What our customers say

Novi POS provided Joe and Dough with the necessary POS infrastructure to embark on an aggressive growth strategy and expand effortlessly across Singapore, resulting in a 130% growth in outlets and 260% ROI increase.

With an industry-proven solution like Novi POS, I am confident of expanding my business overseas.

Thank you, Novitee, our partner for strategic growth.

Damien Koh


Joe and Dough

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Novitee is not just a POS provider, they are your partner to grow with your F&B business.

If you are looking for a POS solution, there are many options out there.

But if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business through technology, they are the right fit for you.

Fu Yong Hong



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The Novi POS is a great investment and solution that has really benefited my business.

I appreciate its stability and how I can easily get report with their backend.

I like how Novi POS is really able to solve persisting F&B problems and I would strongly recommend Novi POS to my friends.

Tay Yiming


Violet Oon Inc Pte Ltd.

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