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Novitee established Adaptech in 2015, with the main goal to upskill workers as Singapore heads into the fourth industrial revolution—also known as Industry 4.0. As industries are starting their digitalization transformation, it is imperative for workers to upskill themselves to ride the wave of Industry 4.0.

Committed to upskilling workers, Adaptech is a specialized Worker 4.0 training academy. Through our wide array of courses taught by experienced trainers, we’re here to equip industry professionals with the Adaptive, Technological and Technical skills to be Industry 4.0 ready.

Our Courses

Strategic Execution for Front Line Staff

Ideal for front-line and operations staff in understanding how to elevate customer value and be an effective team-player.

Workshop Introduction

Singapore's F&B industry have always been competitive and customers' expectations for the service provided by businesses have been swiftly increasing.

In order to stand out and keep up with the race, it is important to provide customers with the best and effectively manage conflicts that are bound to occur. Providing quality customer service also requires efficient operations and communication with employees so that they understand how they can best contribute as a team-player.

To continually delight customers, organizations need to adopt a user-centric approach to customer service and experience to intimately understand what truly delights or frustrates them.

This workshop aims to align frontline employees with the company's business strategy and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be a valuable team-player and provide positive customer experiences.

Workshop Objectives

  • Unravel foundational business strategies

  • Execute fundamental business objectives

  • Master the psychology of customers to optimise customer satisfaction

  • Grasp how to efficiently manage conflicts with customers

  • Understand self-awareness and self-regulation of one’s emotions

  • Learn how to be an effective team-player

Workshop Outline

  • Fundamental Business Strategy

  • Basic F&B Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Psychology

  • Conflict Management with Customers

  • Customer Service

  • Personal Emotional Intelligence

  • Efficient Teamwork

  • Teamwork Competencies

  • High-Performing Outlet

  • Happiness & Motivation in the Workplace

Strategic Execution for F&B Masterclass

Ideal for PMETs, front-line and operations staff seeking to enhance their knowledge on how to strategically grow an F&B business.

Workshop Introduction

Singapore has a hyper competitive F&B industry. For any F&B business, we are faced with not only competition from other F&B brands, but also competition from indirect competitors like Food Delivery platforms.

To exacerbate this, all F&Bs face 3 jarring cost pressures: an ever-increasing rent, limited and expensive labour and high food cost.

These cost pressures erode an F&B's profitability amidst a very challenging F&B landscape. With the recent Covid-19 situation, things are made worse. This can be seen through the empty seats and multiple-closing of F&B outlets.

This is where we come in. In this 1-day masterclass, Adaptech will impart you insights and methods into managing your F&B business. With our expertise from having worked with hundreds of F&B brands and doing industry-wide research, we will not only share best practices and key metric, but also equip you with the necessary skills needed for your F&B to flourish.

Workshop Objectives

  • Implement effective strategies to grow your F&B profitability

  • Apply psychology, data and marketing to differentiate yourself from competitors

  • Understand key metrics and best practices in order to scale your business

  • Map out your strategic vision and execution roadmap for the next 2 years

  • Build a high performing management and operation team

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction

  • Business strategies to charter growth

  • Creating a competitive advantage

  • Branding

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Leadership

  • Operation Efficiencies

  • Technology

  • Strategic Execution Canvas

Up to 70% Government Grants
Prepare your staff for Industry 4.0 now.
Benjamin Yang, Founder of Novitee, F&B Profit Strategist
At Novitee, we believe that employees must be equipped with the right skills in order for businesses to flourish. With that in mind, we started Adaptech to provide courses that would help businesses upskill their employees and be prepared for industry 4.0.

We have trained thousands of F&B workers, and we are glad that Adaptech has played a pivotal role in future-proofing Singapore’s food industry.
Benjamin Yang
CEO, Novitee

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