Novi eMenu is an advanced intuitive tablet ordering system that leverages on technology to balance operational needs and a hassle-free dining experience for your customers.


Eliminate the potential errors during food preparation stage
Manual process of collating orders is certainly prone to errors such as missing or skipped orders especially during the peak hours of the business. As a result, time and cost are wasted to provide service recovery. Moreover, special remarks from customers are often difficult to be passed down from the cashier to the food preparator. Hence wrong order is served to the customer sometimes. These errors would potentially translate into loss of customer.

Novi KDS is a great Kitchen Management tool. It gives you an overview of the ordering process from the moment when the order is received to its completion stage. With such ability, you will be able to retrieve real time information from your kitchen.

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Eliminate the usage of paper order receipt.
Traditionally, food preparator would be require to collect the paper order receipt before start preparing the order. However, when the order volume goes up, the receipts will end up piling up. This would require additional time and effort from food preparator to sort them out.
Apart from that, replacing of the receipt papers could disrupt the flow of operation.

Novi KDS would eliminate the cost of purchasing receipt printer and paper in the long run. Food preparator will be able to view and prepare the orders at one go from the iPad as they have been compiled automatically. Same order items can be processed simultaneously. Hence, greatly decreasing customer waiting time.


Reduce manual efforts to sort orders into different categories
Disseminating orders to different sections of the kitchen is often challenging. Each section normally works independently. Hence, miscommunication occurs occasionally. In addition, it is difficult to coordinate across the kitchen and the service staff.

With Novi KDS, orders will be automatically sorted into respective categories. The food preparator is only required to click on a button to indicate the completion of the order. The server will be immediately notified to serve out the order. This would not only increase the efficiency of the entire operation but also ensure the smoothness of the flow of operation.