Decrease overall operation cost

Many business owners struggles with the rise of labor cost. In addition, training inevitably incurs cost as well. By automating part of ordering process with self-service kiosk, the demand for manpower would be reduced. This would in turn decrease overall operation cost.

Reduce reliance on manpower

With the growth in manpower crunch, it becomes a challenge for the F&B owners to hire sufficient labor to cope with the operation. The adoption of self-service kiosk could reduce the reliance on staff to take order and collect payment. They could be instead redeployed to perform other tasks that cannot be automated.

Trim queue
at counter

Queues lining in front of counter could dismiss the idea of customers from making purchase from you as it implies a long waiting time to be served. With the adoption of self-service kiosk, customers would be given another option to order their food. Hence, the queue at the counter can be shortened.

Create consistent & efficient customer experience

Self-service kiosk empowers customers to place their orders. Hence, ensuring the accuracy of the order taken. Interactive menu assists customers in making quick order without keeping them in the queue. You can streamline and strategise menu items to improve sales.

Intuitive touchscreen display/interface

Cash and cards payment

High resolution display

Integrated with backend inventory system

Integrated queue management system